Ejaculating Eric Realistic Squirting Dildo with Pump
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Squirting Dildos

Squirting Dildos rise in Popularity

The squirting dildo is becoming increasingly popular! You will not believe how lifelike these squirting dildos  look and feel! From the supple exterior to the firm core, the Big Shots line has its dual-layered, phthalate-free material to thank for its true-to-life details. Best of all, this dildo is capable of ejaculation! Fill it up with water, Jizz Lube, or your fluid of choice. Just squeeze the scrotum, inserting the tip into the liquid, and then releasing pressure on the balls. The shaft will fill up like a syringe, allowing you to play with it until you are ready to feel that liquid spurt up into you! Just squeeze the balls again and enjoy the powerful climax! Use it solo or with a partner for female-female sex or pegging. BUY A SQUIRTING DILDO NOW

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